Jussi ja Jesse


The idea of Passio was conceived in 2012 at Savonlinna where our founders Jussi Hukkanen and Jesse Vottonen were influenced the areas food and brewery culture. We wanted to have place which is original and fills greatly our vision. In the end, at 2014 we delivered a combination of modern Nordic, classic French and laid-back atmosphere in form of Passio. Not forgetting the surprise factors.

“Many times you may hear that people need to do such many difficult choices, whilst they are actually looking for someone else is doing such decisions on dinner contents for them. Well, we have now made decisions for our guests and make outstanding food as a surprise for them.”

We at Passio, we salute your experience with a strong ardor. Our foundation is based on simple, selected ingredients, sentimentially worked wines and polished skills in kitchen and on hall. Each of the courses and portions we deliver for you is a present – with the  fact you don’t need to stress of the satisfaction.

Although our food and wine work together like a charm, we don’t want to posh things up or coquet with a things. Whilst experience is formidable, we want you to come our guest like you are. So do we.

Now it is 2021; 7 years gone so far. The principles have not changed.


Jussi Hukkanen

Restaurateur, brewer

Jussi has over thirty years of experience and background in brewery- and restaurant fields. Jussi worked with Jesse together in Brewery Restaurant Huvila at Savonlainna.

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Jesse Vottonen

Chef, “cook”

Jesse has twenty years of experience as a “cook” and  background in forementioned Brewery Restaurant Huvila. In addition, he’s been working on for example Hotel Kämp restaurants, Old Palace and Sasso. The lore tells that chefs tend to call coworkers mundanly as “cook”.

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